Cryogenic Valves ²XC™

²XC™ The best valve design for cryogenic service.

Cryogenic valves of the 3rd generation. Ultra safe and robust, the ²XC™ solves all cryo service problems and enhance safety in LNG plant.

Soft Seat or Reflex Metal Trim type .
-200° Up to 350 ° C (Reflex) .
Reflex Seat Technology.
Metallic Nitronic Bearing.
Manual or Actuated.
ESD – On/Off  or Control “V” Shape
Ultra Cryo Seal.


  • 2X Eccentric C-Ball
  • Friction Free
  • Cavity Free
  • High Cycling Capability
  • Integral Trunnion
  • Top Entry Easy Maintenance
  • Torque seated
  • Bi-directional